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I am addicted to Notebooks. I ussally shell out around 10-15 dollars for a proper one. However, of late I have been, In a word, broke, and in order to continue my notebook obession I have resorted to making my own notebook loosely based off of the design of a Moleskine notebook. 

However! I have decided that My notebook will have an Ultracool Comicbook cover! 

PS: This is my first Instructable, any comments questions and/or suggestions would be welcomed. 

Step 1: The Prep

Things you will Need:

1. Card Stock, and Paper.
2. Cutting utensils - Sharp scissors and the Hobby Knife worked the best. 
3. Glue and Tape: Rubber Cement is good, and Duct and Cellophane tape are also good to have around.
4. (not pictured): Iron on vinyl - This stuff is essential for making the comic book cover. But you can make any other cover and attach it the same way. 
5. (not pictured) - an old comic with a cool spread you want as a cover. Natgeo or any other magazine with glossy paper will also work. 
6. A writing utensil
7. A needle and thread. - Minimal sewing required. 
8. A drill with a 1/16th bit. ( optional) but amazingly helpful. 

(PS: This is not a definitive list, feel free to experiment and use different things. Let me know what you find works best.)

Step 2: The Cutting

The first step is to cut all those sheets of paper in half.  After your done take the uniform sheets and split them into piles of 4. 

You could get away with more but I find 4 works the best. 

Next you should take those sheets and fold them in half. 

Since I wanted to copy the Moleskine design I took a leaf out of an old notebook and cut the paper down to that size. 

What made the process easier and more uniform was after, I made the first set of 4 leaves, I used it as a guide to cut the rest. 
paper clips work Great for this.

PS: Take your time. Don't force the scissors or it will end up looking bleh. 

Step 3: Drilling

Drill The holes, I Drilled three sets of 2. 

To do this even out your stack of packets and clamp them down. Then drill through the side as near to the spine as you feel comfortable doing.  
You could skip this step but the next one would take alot longer. 

Step 4: Threading

Get yourself some Thread, any kind will do but tougher ones will work better, and thread through your brand new holes. 

There is no science to this but i recommend looping around at least twice before moving one to the other holes. I also kinda pulled a Crisscross maneuver across all of the spines but whatever keeps them together works. 

Make sure you tie off the thread when your finished. 

Step 5: Glue and Tape

Ok. Get your Rubber Cement and Clamp the spine again. (make sure your clamps are clean)

Run Rubber cement all over the combined spines and let dry. Then Take whatever tape you choose and tape the glued spines together. 

Next grab your ribbon, this will be the book mark, and tape that into the spine. 

Step 6: Cut and Attach the Cardstock.

Get your card-stock, cut that in half and the fold those  pieces in Half.

Next cut the piece to the same specifications as your journal. I cut mine to moleskine size. 

Tape the outer side of the folded card-stock to the spine, lining up its spine to the unbound notebook spine.

Tape the inside edge of the stock to the first page. Repeat on the back of the book. 

Step 7: Make Your Wonder Cover

Select your comicbook page, and cut it so you have an excess of material.

Then, slowly, cut the material down so it fits your particular notebook. 

Next cut your  iron on vinyl to fit the comicbook cut out. 

Iron on the vinyl as per instructions on the box.  

This step was a bit of trail and error for me. I cut it too small a few times

(I learned this process thanks  , so yes reading that would be a good help.)

Step 8: Attach the Cover/ the Elastic.

Put your uncovered notebook in the middle of the cover and figure out which side will be front and which will be the back.

In the back side cut 2 thin holes just big enough for your strip of elastic to fit through.

Poke the elastic through the holes and tape the ends so it can no long fit through. Then tape those ends to the back of the cover.

After all this is done spread rubber cement over the entire inside of the cover and attach that to the cardstock.  

Repeat with the spine and back in order and if possible press the book until the glue dries. 

Viola! Your done. Enjoy your new book! 



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    6 Discussions


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm...Do you mean a small one for art supplies...? If you send me a rough Diagram and possible measurements I can see what I can do.

    I suppose I could cover anything in comicbook pages...XD.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    i was wondering what kind of glue you use.can you use crazy glue or gorilla glue? i know some glues can eat through any advice would greatly be appreciated.thanx.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I used Rubber Cement. But go to your local craft store and ask them for a glue that will not eat through paper. :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    not bad.i use cereal box cover and cardboard from ups boxes for the back.and i also made a wallet from a comic book.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That would be very green! I will try that one the next one, my freind wants me to make another.