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Introduction: Comics With Photos

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Comics is a form of art that expresses ideas through images with short captions. Plus, most of the kids love reading comics. What if they can create a simple comic illustration themselves? This instructable can be successfully used in IT class.

Step 1: Preparation

Choose the software that you're going to use in class. This instructable describes how to make comics in Movavi Photo Editor:

Tell your students to bring their own photos that they want to turn into comics, or the can always find something online

Step 2:

Rotate and crop the image the way you need. Forget about the perfectly straight horizon. The crazier – the better. It's comics we're talking about!

Step 3:

  1. Find pictures of speech balloons in PNG so that the image background is transparent. Copy and paste it in the picture.
  2. Adjust the size and angle of the clip-art object.
  3. Overlay text and put it in the bubble. Then choose its size and font – Comic Sans works just fine.
  4. Add other necessary elements – there can be as many as you want. Overlay them, change their transparency and other properties if you want to make a proper page from a comic book.

Step 4:

Play with filters to add the finishing touch. There are plenty of them, so try different options. Change the intensity and even combine several filters.

The following filters are used in the example pictures:

  • Artistic – Sketch
  • Posterization – Licorice
  • Classic – Lomo

That’s it! I hope you and your students will have fun doing this.



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