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Introduction: Comics Wrapping Paper

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If you are like me, you have tons of newspapers just lying around waiting to be recycled.  So, I have decided to use the comic sectgion for wrapping paper.  It took two pages and 1 sheet for the gift I had.  I put the paper down with the gift on top, put the second page over the gift, and then taped them together.  Then I folded one side like a regular present and used the strip for the second side.  I then used the margin as the tag and wrote the name here.

Gift to be wrapped
Newspaper Comics
Scissors (opt if need a strip)



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    road maps might work better since they are bigger, but with GPS's I don't have any anymore.

    I have maps (finally I get to show this off)!!

    those maps have great color. i wouldnt want them as wraaping paper since it just gets ripped

    Is that art work? Is it your art work? Beautiful! Do you have any close ups you would like to share? Nice pad by the way! :) Sunshiine

    I came across a collection of national geographic. That's all the maps of the world. Its a work in progress. I can add some more photos to my Flickr page.