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Introduction: Command Block/ How To

A fun and easy and simple and quick(a little) guide to the command block (as of ver. 1.8.1) for computer. I dont know if xbox or pocket edition will work for this only tried on the computer. When i type out the command/input it will be in quotes DONT put the quotes in! the pictures also show the inputs so if you are like me and mostly look at the pictures, THEN you go to the paragraph below. for a list of all the usable commands go here. when you see the @p you can change it with either a player name or another @_ listed when you open the command block. All (or most) of the commands i use on command blocks should work in the type in bar/chat bar without the command block. If it uses coordinates you can use ~ (tilde) to represent your current position or use ~10 to add 10 blocks to your current position. I have included the world that it is on so you can try it out your self too.

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Step 1: Getting a Command Block

I always get the command block through the give command which is "/give @p command_block". I put it onto a command block with a pressure plate so I dont have to type it out every time.

Step 2: How to Make a Title & Subtitle Show on Screen

The title requires one command and the subtitle requires another command. you can change the duration of the fade in, stay, and fade out, the color, or bold or italicized. the parenthesis in the command has to be the one shaped like this { } or else it wont work (shift and [ ] )."/title @p title {"LOSER",color:yellow,bold:true}"for the title."/title @p subtitle {text:"you suck",color:blue,bold:true,italic:true}" to change the duration put "/title @p times 20 60 20" the first is the fade in time 2nd is stay and 3rd is fade out time those are the default times.

Step 3: How to Change the World Center and Border

Push f3 and your coordinates will show up. I would just set it to wherever you are doing this (mine was -256 57 2175) then leave it up to make it easier and put in the command"/worldborder center -256 57 2175"

To change the border line put in"/worldborder set (# of blocks from center) (duration to change in seconds)"

I set mine at 10 blocks which is "/worldborder set 10". You cant cross the border of the world . To change it back to default put in "/worldborder set 6000000" thats 6 million and for fun use "/worldborder set 6000000 600000" (thats 600,000) have fun chasing after the strange green light! (when it shrinks it turns red)

Step 4: How to Make It Play Any Sound in the Game of Minecraft

A site with a list of all the sound names in minecraft. I set mine to play a cat meowing. You can also change the volume and pitch of the sounds tho I didnt quite understand how to :( "/playsound @p"

Step 5: Controlling the Weather

These are fairly simply and straight forward

to make it clear put "/weather clear" for rain "/toggledownfall" and for rain and lightning put "/weather thunder"

If your on a redstone ready world (or in a desert biome) then it wont rain or lightning "it will just get cloudy" reminds my little brother who helped me with this project.

Step 6: Setting the Time

I dont know what minecraft time goes by but, its dark at 15,000 and bright out at 10,000 so for night i use "/time set 15000" and "/time set 10000". If its "raining/thundering in the desert then it will be cloudy and you wont be able to see the time change.

Step 7: Summoning Mobs and Lightning!

MAKE SURE YOU CAPITALIZE THE WORD! It wont work unless you follow it exactly I was too lazy too hit shift so it took me 10 minutes to figure it out. Use this to look at mob entity ids if its two words then just delete the space (so Zombie Pigmen is "ZombiePigmen". The command is "/summon (entity id) (x) (y) (z)" I dug a hole in the ground to spawn creepers in for mine. I used "/summon Creeper -256 55 2175" It doesnt have to be raining to use the lightning command either.

Step 8: Teleportation?!

If you like messing with people then this is a fairly good prank/troll. (a lot easier in creative) Dig a hole in the ground about 20 blocks deep. At the bottom put a command block down then put in "/tp @p ~ ~15 ~" (if you cant find it its left to the 1) then they cant avoid it and the just keep teleporting down a shaft to land on a pressure plate and re-teleport.

For "regular" teleporting use "/tp @p (x) (y) (z)"

Step 9: Mass Teleportaion!

You can use this to teleport everything within a certain radius to random spots within a distance that you specify. The command is "/spreadplayers (x) (z) (min. distance from each other) (distance that they can spawn within) (team respect) @e" (the @e is everything so if your online or multiplayer then you can use one of the other @_). I used "/spreadplayers -256 2175 3 100 false @e" the team respect is either true or false and you have to put it in. Its whether it keeps teams together or not.

Step 10: Replacing Things With Other Things

The last command I am going to show you. its how to tell it to replace an item in a chest inventory hotbar furnace brewing station or other object. the command is "/replaceitem entity @p slot.hotbar.1 deadbush 64" this one is sort of complicated for a villager you use "slot.villager.slot_number" replace slot number with a number between 0 and 7. for a list of the stuff you can change stuff in go here its about the middle of the page.

Step 11: How to Put Minecraft World in Correct Spot for Use

all of the command blocks i used are in the same area. I have only used this "technique" for my own computer but it should work on others. download the world open up the file then open the "instructables" file. search %appdata% in the windows menu. open roaming. open .minecraft open saves.make a new folder (maybe rename it) pull up other window. copy and paste the files in "instructables" onto your new folder. open minecraft and it should look like picture 4.

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    I didn't know you could do all of this in MineCraft. Thanks for sharing!