Commands to Help Get Thing Around Fastert

Introduction: Commands to Help Get Thing Around Fastert

/kill lets you kill any player and all entities

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Step 1:

you can set blocks or test blocks

Step 2:

/d shows you all commands with a d in them like deop means you can deop a player so they cant do commands only you can lol troll them

Step 3:

you can clone any radius you want

Step 4:

you can change weather to any choice there is

Step 5:

this one shows all commands with an a in them so you know what there is

Step 6:

/c shows all with c in them /effect is one you will really like

Step 7:

you can fill any radius you want with this command

Step 8:

/give lets you give yourself anything in the game you want

Step 9:

/ just gives you an example of some examples you can use

Step 10:

lets you change your command at any point in the game you want

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    2 years ago

    Those are neat tricks :)