Commercial Spool Adapter




Introduction: Commercial Spool Adapter

About: hgv driver but only because it pays more than I can make otherwise

This maybe well know in sewing circles, but having found it in my grandmothers sewing machine I thought it was too good an idea not to document and pass on in case it isn't

Step 1: What Is It?

My grandmother was the village seamstress and clearly used a lot of thread we found several commercial sized cones of it in her sewing cupboard. With her sewing machine today I found this one with an adapter to make it work with a standard home sewing machine.

Step 2: How Was It Done

The adapter is very simple. She appears to have taken an empty wooden cotton reel and carved off one lip and trimmed the body of the reel a little to make it a tight fit in a commercial cone of thread



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    So clever! I have a huge rigamorale thing to use for big spools on my macine that is already broken! I'm going to try this! Thanks!

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    You can also use styrofoam spools. Carve them down to fit.

    The old wodden spools are hard to find.

    I have that machine and the case. It was my grandmother’s. (She died in ‘49.)Any idea how old it is?

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    it's a 99k/k99 produced between 1911&1950 originally just hand crank later with an electric motor a factory/approved dealer conversion to electric was also done. there will be instuctables later on replacing the motor with a modern one cleaning and lubricating the machine it's self and depending on if I'm successful replacing the rotten rubber insulated wires in the original motor to make that work instead of replacing it

    Some old machines like that one are worth several HUNDRED dollars!! Check out what they are selling for on ebay if you ever get the idea to trash it. My brother used to search for people pitching them, and then sell them for BIG BUCKS.

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing it!


    10 months ago

    Older people have lots of really great stories and ideas as well. We seem to forget about how they didn't have everything we enjoy these days. But they were not lazy and knew how to do with the very least amount. I applaud them.