Community Plant Swap

Introduction: Community Plant Swap

In our house we have an overabundance of plants that have created offshoots that need to be trimmed, so I thought of a good idea to help diversify my garden (indoor and outdoor) and get rid of some of my plants. I have been to a plant swap before and hope that the second one that I attend/create will be just as successful!

This could be done among friends at someone's house or if you want more of a selection to pick from then you can host a town wide event at your local Farmer's Market or Community Center.

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Step 1: Advertisement

I have found that posters are the best way to spread the word about a town wide events. They can be posted at your town dump, town hall, schools, libraries, grocery stores, restaurants, pretty much anywhere that will grant you permission. The picture for this step is a sample poster that you can create and personalize according to how you want to plan your event. Be as specific as possible with the fine print, while emphasizing the most important information in big font on the top of the poster.

Some questions that you will want to answer in your poster are:

What is going on? How can I participate? Where will it be? When will it happen (Date and Time)?

**** Also consider mentioning in your poster that people should be aware of invasive species and not bring them to swap. Also as a hostess or host you should consider bringing a few extra plants that people can choose from just in case someone brings undesirable selections or invasive species****

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea not only getting new plants but socializing with other plant lovers.