How to Make a Slitter



Introduction: How to Make a Slitter

This tutorial one will show as to transform a steel beam of construction into a tool for masonry cut, or other parts of a construction.

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Step 1: Materials

As substance cousin you will need a steel beam of construction, preferential of 1/2", 3/4" or 1" of diameter.
- Blowtorch;
- Sledge hammer;
- Grinder;
- Equipment of individual protection .

Step 2: Heating and Conformation

In this stage the tip of the iron must be warm until being completely Orange, after that on a metallic surface it must be conformed with the use of a sledge hammer to acquire the desired form.

Step 3: Sandpapers

With the use of a grinder and floppy disk, to sandpaper until the desired format.

Step 4: Format

In this step the tool starts to take form.

Step 5: Looping and Finishing

With a looping disk to make right the final format, and to sharpen the tool.

Step 6: State of Hardeness and Finishing

The part must be warm until being orange and placed SLOWLY in water again, after that it is alone to cut of the opposing side to make right the ideal length.

Step 7: Finished

This is the fiinal appearance of the tool.

Special gratefulness to Alan, who is " The GUY " for these things.


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