Compact CNC/3D Printer




Introduction: Compact CNC/3D Printer

Hi friend’s I'm coming with new project was A Compact CNC/3D

printer that was build using waste parts.

First of all personally thanks to Gelstronic who help me for technical support .

This printer totally open source and made using waste parts from CD/DVD writer, Arduino, L293D motor shield and some other tools.

Step 1: Hardware’s/Components:-

CD/DVD drives

Aluminum Sheet

Arduino Mega 2560

L293D stepper shield

And some other parts:-

-Some nuts, screws and washers

-Thermocol sheets

-Some jumper wires

-Pic of fiber glass

Step 2: Dimension and Blue Print for Metal Sheet

This Photo gives you size and dimension of my metal sheet that used for attached CD/DVD drive for configure or make correct axis plane. And its also give the pinout of CD/DVD drive stepper motor for connect right pin with shield.

Step 3: Make Model:-

Take metal sheet and mark all dimension and cut it with
right dimension and drill the holes to connect CD/DVD drives[make sore that dimension that I give it follow my hardware so take your drives and make right measurement on metal sheet before cutting/drilling].

Step 4: Now Assemble All Axis X, Y and Z Axis on Metal Sheet.

Step 5: Complete All Aixs, Base and Wiring

solder all wires and jumpers as per need to connect CD/DVD ROM

Step 6: Checking the First CNC With Open Hardware

First check that your all printer axis correctly work or not, after than go for next all steps.

Step 7: Now Connect With #~#Arduino and Upload #

Now make all that things with Arduino Mega-2560. for fully automated CNC/3D Printer, here circuit diagram given for the connection between arduino and all steppers. And its source code file also given that's based on tonokip firmware.

Step 8: Prepare for Design Your Printer Cover BOX

This model designed in Google SketchUP software thats free.

All post its .SKP file here, thats dimension doesn't matched but its also useful for planing only.

Step 9: Make BOX for Cover It

I made a cover box for my CNC/3D printer that really protect plu give nice look the Printer.

Step 10: Make With Amazing Stickers

Step 11: Completing Box and Final Printer

Now put your all hardware into the Box with complete accessory your all ROM's and Arduino board too into the box.

Step 12: ​Continue With Testing Printer

Step 13: How to Setup Repetier Host and Slicer Setting

In this zip file you will get all configuration and settings photos of Repetier-Host software and Slicer settings too.

That help to setup and configure both these software easily



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    36 Discussions

    Hello, what the OS used to use it as a method of 3D printer? I was thinking about doing a project for summer.

    1 reply

    Hi brother !
    Your videos are very helpful !
    I need some help from you personally , I'm an mechanical student so don't know about programming, will you please help me to program in Aurdunio app to Controll the mini 2D cnc ?

    1 reply

    Yah this is also cool and its also possible to make in 7 days.

    :) keep it UP:)

    Is it possible to add a laser and cut stuff with it?

    1 reply

    3D ??? where it is, its plotting 2d, correct me if i am wrong or i missed something....!!

    Means u are using the 3d pen and instead i want to use a pencil which can draw figures. Possible?

    1 reply

    Yes Brother......

    For Drawin you can use its can work like a full CNC Drawer

    Shall we use this machine for mechanical drawings?

    1 reply

    Means u are using the 3d pen and instead i want to use a pencil which can draw figures. Possible?

    For four electric motors are needed? 2 is sufficient and one mini servo lifting as you paint only. In fact it is rather a plotter at this stage, not a printer or CNC. However, the pen can be substituted for example with one of those 3D pen.