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Introduction: Compact Light Difuser

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How to make a cheap and easy Light Difuser for under $20!

This project started out as an adjustable light difuser that was going to be hexagon shaped. That didn't work the way I planned! So I reverted it to a simple version I learned in college.

Step 1: Part List

(2) 8 foot PVC pipes 1/2" diameter
(4) 1/2" PVC 90 degree elbow joints
(4) 1/2" PVC extention joints
(1) 1/4" bungie cord 20' in length
(1) 1 white bed sheet ($3.00 Walmart)
(1) Package of Sheet clips ($1.00 Walmart)

I used a PCV cutter I have sitting in my garage but you can have the hardware store cut the pieces for you.

Step 2: Simple Construction (Frame)

Cut the PVC pipes into 24" sections (8) pieces in total.

Feed the bungie cord through:

one pipe, one elbow joint, one pipe, one extention joint.

Repeat the process until you have a complete square.

Once you have your square complete tighten all of your connections except the last connection. You need to tighten the cord and tie it into a very tight double knot.

*Note the knot must be small enough to fit in the last elbow joint and still leave enough room for the joint to close.

Step 3: Simple Construction (Screen)

Lay the sheet on the floor.

Place the frame on top of the sheet.

Cut around the frame leaving 2-4" allowance so the sheet can fold over your frame.

Add the Sheet clips to all for corners and adjust them until the sheet is tight!

Tada, you are finished with your very own light difuser.

Step 4: Additional Notes

After completing my difuser, I wanted an easy way to transport it to and from my set locations.

I took an old dog collar clipped around the closed frame,tighten it down as far as I could get it then taped off the slack as a handle. (I tapped all but the last inch of the slack so I could hang the frame by the loop in my workshop.)

When I make another difuser I plan on sewig pockets into the sheet on all four corners. This will eliminate the need for the sheet clips and make for a faster assembly time and sturdier canvas.

And finally, while this is primarily used as a Difuser for sun light or direct light is can also be used as a color filter. Check out your local fabric store for colored Lam�r other opaque materials. You could even get metalic materials and make your difuser into a reflector! (But why go through all that work when you could just buy a $5.00 windshield reflector in Gold and silver!!!)

Oh and PVC Snap Ts are great to mount difusers to a tripod, but that is for another Instructable.


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    4 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great Instructable, but a few points for detail.
    *  This will make a 4ft square, easily changed to other sizes.

    *PVC pipe is available in 10ft lengths and 2 thicknesses, Schedule 40 is strongest. the extension joint is called as a coupling. Can be cut with a hack saw but messy, a PVC cutter is much easier if making more than a few cuts.

    *The bungee shock cord is sold by the foot at camping/climbing stores like REI but I've seen it at big box hardware stores too.  I am unsure, by the Instructable, if the ends of the bungee cord tie together. If so, the knot can be worked into the pipe instead of the coupling.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Good points...

    I got my Bungie chord from a Surplus store for pennies on the dollar.  Bungie can be expensive.

    I cut the pipes to 2' so I could fold it and take it anywhere. 

    I used a pair of PVC Hand cutters I got in the irrigation section of the hardware store... Very very nice!

    There are many ways to do this and I loved to see some more people make some of these so if you've got photos post them up!



    11 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, alot more ingenious that i thought! A great 'diy' photography project.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This kinda reminds me of the folding/collapsible cane I sometimes use! Cool thing. Would like to see finished item all set up, but I can get the gist. Thanks for posting. Now to find that 20' bungee cord.....