Compact Mini LED

In this Instructable I will be showing you a simple and compact LED that can be powered by a light press and can fit on your thumb. Enjoy :)

Step 1: Find an LED, Along With Batteries

Get an LED along with 2 batteries. I got this one from an emergency whistle with a small light attached. When taking it apart, remember how the LED was touching the battery terminals.

Step 2: Connect 1 End to Battery and Apply Tape

Tape around 1 battery and 1 end of the LED. Leave 1 end sticking out.

Step 3: Cut a Hole for the Other End of the LED to Touch the Battery

Cut a hole in the tape above the other battery so the end of the LED and battery are able to touch, but not touching.

Step 4: Apply Tape to the Open End

Put a piece of tape over the open terminal. I used a piece of bandaid as it is more grippy and softer. Apply light pressure and your mini LED flashlight should work, yet be small enough to fit in a coin pocket!

Step 5:

Thanks for looking, try it out, enjoy :) Leave feedback!



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