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Using a garage creeper as a mobile platform for a racing simulator.

Basic - intermediate woodworking skills recommended.

Items required:
1x Garage creeper                  ($15 - 50)
1x gaming system                    ($100 - 250)
1x Steering wheel/pedal set  ($50 - 250)
1x Car seat                                (Free - $50)
1x old computer monitor         ($50 - 150) (optional)
Various Scrap Wood, screws, cables, etc.

Tools required
Table saw
Drill & Bits
Basic hand tools
Paint & brushes (Optional)

Step 1: Out With the Old

Do you see the problem?
It was an eyesore and ergonomic nightmare.
This was version 1.0:  the workbench racer. 

Step 2: Sourcing an Appropriate Chassis

Look around the house for some found objects.
In my case, it was a garage creeper I hardly used.
(You can easily create a mobile platform/chasis by slapping some casters and 2x4's up.)
Head to your local junkyard for a cheap ol bucket seat. 

Here, I'm laying out the parts needed.
There are 2 screws on the bottom of the creeper to remove the cushioned surface.

Step 3: Building Seat Mounts

Since the dimension of components will be different for every build. (ie: Seat, creeper, game system, monitor, wheel/pedal setup)
Use this write up as a general building guide, then measure out required mounting points for your components.

Create seat mounts by fixing scrap 2x4's onto the creeper's chassis.

Step 4: Mounting the Seat

Here's the seat mounted using wood screws.

Upon leaning back into the seat, there was a potential of flipping over backwards,
so I installed a small wheelie bar using some spare skateboard wheels.

Step 5: Building the Base

Measure and cut two 2x4's and mount them onto the creeper chassis.
(This will be what you mount everything to so be sure it's secure)
They should encompass the pedal set as shown.
I have also added a wooden platform between the 2x4's.

Step 6: Framework

Build framework around the pedal set using scrap 2x4's.

Step 7: Test Fit

Quick test fit, always be testing to see whether it fits you.
In most cases your bucket seat will have adjustments in all directions.

The chrome tube supporting the steering column is an old hand rail.
The steering wheel is mounted to a platform that telescopes back and forth on a 2x4 via a set screw and wing nut.

Step 8: Painted and Ready to Go

Here's an overall shot of everything painted.

I have also added a monitor riser made by some more scrap 2x4s.

Step 9: Detail: Steering Column

Here is a close up of how the bar supporst the steering column.
For the monitor, you can either build a platform for your monitor to rest on.
I continued the 2x4 theme and built a raised stand.

Step 10: Detail: Console Mounting & Wire Management

Tin snips and scrap aluminum flashing bent to form console & power bar mounts.
Zip ties to organize wires.

Step 11: Detail: Pedal View

The handrail provide plenty of support to the steering column and enough room for your legs.

Step 12: Detail: Drivers View

Happy motoring!



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Reply 3 years ago

You would be amazed what people throw away


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

all of 'em !

These are aftermarket seats that you will be able to find in junkyards/craigslist/leboncoin/whateversuitsyourcountry

As these are mounted on a variety of vehicles, you often find one in a "tuned" car laying around. Maybe you will be able to find a subwoofer amplifier that you can power up with an ATX psu to load up the tactile transducers ! bang-for-the-buck at the utmost :)

I did purchase a similar seat in a perfect state for 50 Euros a few days ago :)

the crafting guy

3 years ago

Just got a couple of questions, 1: What game are u playing? And. 2: What steering wheel and pedals are u using? Thanks.

1 reply
Snapperwapthe crafting guy

Reply 3 years ago

He's using a thrust master pc/ps3 racing wheel and...I got no idea what game he's playing


4 years ago

I noticed the steering wheel is adjustable which is very important because I want multiple people to be able to use it. Are the pedals also movable?


4 years ago

This great I'm going to do a copy, I got a gear shifter so I'll have to figure that out.


6 years ago on Introduction

Nice ,project ! with a gear shift and vibration seat, probably the best simulation seat ever!!


6 years ago on Introduction

I am building the same thing.....although less sophisticated and stylish......coz my main building material is cardboard from old cartons....


6 years ago on Introduction

I have a question, what in the hell is that wooden half walrus half tiger looking carving at the top right ?

other than that great instructible I love the idea for the garage creeeper


6 years ago on Introduction

Great Instructable! My friend and I were just talking about building one of these.


6 years ago on Introduction

I like it! Pure genius. Now you need to add surround sound speakers and a bass transducer mounted to the seat. If I had the space in my living room I would make this for sure.