Compact Survival Kit - 78 Pieces!




Introduction: Compact Survival Kit - 78 Pieces!

So after looking at numerous Altoid and other mini survival kits, I got the itch to make one of my own.  One thing that seems to be prevalent is how bare minimum the contents usually are in order to not waste valuable space in the kits, but i think using the most compact kit possible is a waste of valuable pocket space. True, many of the Altoid kits can be very comprehensive for their small size, but the average pants or jacket pocket is more accomodating than we give it credit for, and can fit a bit more than your average altoids tin or pill bottle. 

I scoured my house trying to find a not too big, not too small container for my kit.  I finally checked the spice cabinet and found what i thought was the perfect container.   I'm not sure what the actual volume is but it's a red pepper flake spice container,  5" tall with a diameter of 2".  (The duct tape may have added another 5/16" to the diameter).  So it may be a bit bigger than the usual mini survival kits, but is still compact by every definition, containing a whopping 78 pieces. Granted any compact survival kit whether its small enough for a keychain or small enough for your pocket will not hold a flame to a nice backpack filled with survival goodness, but I'm confident my compact kit would get me through no less than a week of being stranded, hungry, cold, lost, injured, and in need of red duct tape.

Contents :
(from left to right in picture)

2 gauze pads
1 finger tip/knuckle bandage
4 standard band aids
2 sealed straws, approx 3.5" long, one filled with neosporin, one filled with Purel hand sanitizer
1 empty bottle
25 feet of duct tape (wrapped around bottle)
16 feet of strong braided wire (wrapped around bottle)
1 threaded cap for bottle, with sift option (sift cap can be useful maybe?)
4 Advil and 4 Benadryl (wrapped in small seran wrap ball)
4 cotton swabs (wrapped together with seran wrap)
2' x 1.5' sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil (folded into small cube)
28" of metal rod (bent into a squiggle)
1 small screwdriver
1 nickel sized compass (hard to see in picture, it caught a lot of glare)
1 fresh utility razor blade
1 knife blade with serrated edge
1 pair of tweezers
4 safety pins
75 feet of thread (wrapped around small piece of rod, may be hard to see in picture)
7 small nails
3 sewing needles
60 feet of fishing line (wrapped around small metal spool)
1 artificial bait
3 fish hooks with weights (3 different sizes)
1 emery board
15 wire ties
4 wooden toothpicks
1 mini bic lighter
4 matches with strike paper
1 small 3 volt battery and 1 LED bulb
1 quart sized ziplock bag
2 rubber bands (wrapped around ziplock bag)

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Probably my first, and favorite, kit to look at on this site...which helped get me hooked on Instructables!!! Nice job! Definitely gave me the desire to keep searching! ;)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! I like that part: "but I'm... ...and in need of red duct tape." lol.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work! I can see this fitting nicely on the side mesh pockets of my kids hiking pack.