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Introduction: Compact Earring Organizer

My girlfriend has a ton of earrings.
They all just lie around in 3 big boxes and when she needs a pair, she has to search for half an hour. Consequently, to save time, she only uses three pairs frequently.

This is a cheap and compact way to organize earrings (and a great way to surprise your girlfriend :-)

Added bonus: you can place these earring-organizers in your drawer, so you can keep the make-up table/ dresser free.

This project takes about 5 minutes and all you need can probably be found in your home:

- little plastic tray
- wooden barbeque sticks
- double sided tape
- wire cutter (or plier)
- exacto knife
- pencil
- cutting board
- earrings
- (coffee)

You could probably make this a little bit more girly by painting the whole thing pink and attaching some unicorns and glitter to the sides ;-)

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Step 1: Prepare the Sticks

Place one barbeque stick on top of the plastic tray.
Draw a little line with the pencil. The sticks should be a little bit bigger than the width of the tray.

Use the wire cutter to cut the sticks to length. You can use the first stick as a template. (make everything go faster by cutting three sticks at a time).

Cut enough pieces (i used about 18).

Step 2: Prepare the Tray

We want to cover both of the long sides of the tray with double sided tape.

Put a long strip of tape on the long sides of the tray and cut away exces tape with the exacto knife.
This is the part where you can put blood, sweat and tears into the project. (if you're not careful with the knife)

Don't forget to peel away the layer covering the other sticky side.

Drink from your coffee.

Step 3: Make a Little Cage

Now just place the sticks on top of the sticky-tape.
Space them about 0,5-1cm apart.

You should end up with a little cage.

Step 4: Hang the Earrings

Hang the earrings from the sticks
You could use one stick per pair ... but it really depends on your personality.

This system only works for earrings with question-mark-shaped ends and round earrings.

Now if your girlfriend wants to pick a pair, she just has to lift the stick out of the tray.

The tape makes the whole thing pretty stable so you should be able to pick the whole tray up and do a little dance with it.
However, the stickyness will probably wear off in time. But there's always more tape!

Drink the rest of your coffee like a man to make up for the girly stuff you've just done.
(alternatively: do some push-ups!)
Girls can just skip this step.

Thanks for reading!
(and forgive my Engrish, i'm from Belgium)

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    6 years ago on Step 4

    I love this! It's simple but efficient. You are a very good boyfriend. :-) And your English is good, too.