Companion Cube Money Box (for a Wedding Reception)

Introduction: Companion Cube Money Box (for a Wedding Reception)

My Fiance and I are incorporating gamer touches into our wedding since we're both geeky gamers. We decided to have our guest only give us money towards our Honeymoon (if they wanted to give a gift). I've seen at other weddings a box, decorated to match the decor usually, just for cards known as a money box.

I took this as a great opportunity to sneak another gamer element into our wedding. Behold the Companion Cube Money Box! Caution: Keep Companion Cube Money Boxes away from fire pits.

Materials List:

Markers ( one pink and one gray )
Metallic Silver paint
Paint brush
Plain Money Box (I got mine at Party Packagers here in Canada)
Cardboard or Mat board

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Step 1: Make a Heart

Fold a piece of paper in half and draw half a heart, with the crease in the paper in the middle of the heart. Make sure it's small enough to be in the center of your box sides with a circle around it. Cut the heart out and trace in on to cardboard or mat board then cut this out. You now have a heart template for all the sides of your box so you know they're all the same.

Step 2: Find the Center

Take your card box and measure the dimensions. Mine was 12x12. Put a tick in the middle of each side, in my case at 6 inches. Then connect the ticks from one side of the panel to the other to make an X. Now you know where the middle is. Place your heart in the center and trace it onto the box. I marked on the heart where the lines on either side were when I traced it so it was in the same place each time. Do this on all sides.

Step 3: Make the Circles and Other Lines

I then used a pot lid to make a circle around the heart and then freehand made another circle around that. Then make a small dash line in the circle on each one of your line you made to find the center (like in pictures). You'll also need to make a centimeter wide line on either side of those dash lines from the circle to the edge of the box (also in pictures). Try to make them line up on all sides, it just looks better. Then colour the circle and lines gray and the small dashes and heart pink. I had a few different pink and grey markers so I tested how they'd look on the box on the bottom of it. The rest of the box areas I painted with silver metallic paint. You could just colour with a another grey marker but I think the paint add a little something to it with the sparkle of the metallic.

Pop the box up into shape and you're done!

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