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Introduction: Competitor Rival 107

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So... after an extremely long wait I finally have found the motivation to get some stuff posted! So today I present to you the long, but far from forgotten Competitor Rival 107. This was my utilitarian knock-off of the MK-107 which is a type of AR pistol (AKA an assault rifle without a stock) Since this gun is the last gun in one piece since knex war 2013 I thought that I'd produce an ible for it. Mainly though this ible is for akshat21045 because he is the one who requested it. That should be enough talking lets get the knex out and enjoy a great build!

(For stats on the gun please see the preview.)

Step 1: The Body Panel

All guns start about the same way. Build this large chunk of knex and move on. The pros usually know to build two of these because this gun is symmetrical. That being said the only unsymmetrical part about this gun is the side rails. Make sure to use the pictures as reference. 
<Another cool fact this may be my last seven layer gun.....Maybe>

Step 2: Top Internals and Flip Up Red Dot Sight

Continue following the pictures.
If you have any questions during assembly feel free to ask in the comments! I will be around to answer them.

Step 3: Bottom Internals

Moving right along...
Remember what I said before. I'm always willing to help you troubleshoot. Just leave me a comment

Step 4: Handle

Getting close to the end..

Step 5: Top Layer and Finishing Details

This is the step where everything comes together and looks like the finished product. =D So exciting!

Step 6: Magazine

Not as cool as it was when I made it last summer... but still pretty cool.
As you can now see, my internal pusher really isn't an internal pusher. More of a hidden external pusher. Oh well, it seemed like a good idea when I made it.

If you have any comments or complaints regarding the magazine I'd like to here about it so leave a comment.

Step 7: Done!!

Congratulations! You have finished your Competitor Rival 107! I hope you enjoy your knex gun and please subscribe to keep up with a more active JonnyBGood. Since I have the time expect Competitor IV to be posted tomorrow!

Thanks for building and following!



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Hmmm how exactly to make a stock for it I'm not sure. I put the firing pin right where I'd want a stock to go.
If I were to make one though I'd start at the bottom of the pin guide and probably add an attachment to the bottom of the handle to make a thumb hole stock.

Yep he changed his avatar to his 107 so at least he did that much. He bugged me for an ible' for at least three months. Finally found time to make the ible and he built it a day after I posted it.
And thanks! It is a very handsome gun.

Okay. I know you built a couple handguns I liked! =D I just like pistols because I don't use as many pieces. (Kinda like the Racker in a sense). Then I can build 10 plus guns and still be able to build whatever else I find interesting on this site.


4 years ago

Why the weird part after the handle?

1 reply

Well the MK-107 has a little stub on the back of it. In order for the pin to reach the ammo I needed the pin to come forward through the stub so that's why it looks the way it does.

sweet gun! do you know how many parts it took off the top of your head?

1 reply

Thank goodness! I was hoping it met your expectations. Glad you loved it.

Thanks! I'm more of handgun guy, you probably are more of a rifle guy I'm guessing.

Yeah, hasn't changed since I made it in August, but it's a great looking gun and a great statement piece on my knex shelf.

I actually realized it started gathering dust, definitely time to post.