Competitor V : Hammer Gun Concept Preview

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Ahhh..... Finally we have number five in the Competitor series. So as you can probably see right away, Competitor V brings a brand new shape for to the table and also a semi new mechanism. Hammer mechanisms have been done on K'nex guns before on this site with varying success, me included. My first hammer related gun was my work on the Red Competitor, and to be perfectly honest the hammer mech was my least favorite part. Like all other things I'm not entirely thrilled with, I set out to try a hammer mechanism again. I started with Competitor IV, outfitted it with a hammer mechanism and instantly had a vision. This is what I saw, (pretty interesting visions eh?) a rounded shape that allowed was small and compact. Anyway it took me a couple trys to make it function how I wanted (originally I was making it oodammo), I settled on gray connector ammo (or small blue connector ammo with a green rod attached) for lower friction and better indoor ranges. The mag lock can easily accessed by your shooting hand although friction keeps it from dropping out ( kind of disappointed).
The main reason I designed this gun is because I'm experimenting with hammer mechanisms for application in bullpups. Hammer mechanisms can be more internal and this would allow a better stock on bullpup guns. ( instead of having to put a firing pin through your stock)
Overall I believe this gun is very awesome and deffinitly deserves a post so expect instructions very soon!
Now for stats:
Futuristic design (a classic JonnyBGood appearance).
Range of 25-30 ( I think it has more potential in bullpups ).
Internal pin.
Easy mag release access right below the trigger.
Easy to prep and fire.
Preloadable magazines hold gray connectors or small blue connector cinnected to green rod.
0 broken pieces (it's a Competitor for crying out loud!).

Friction on the internal pin limits range a little.
Mechanism is deffinitly not super strong, can handle two 64s but the white connector ratchet can't.
Hammer pin connection is made of two hinge sets.
Not a K'nex black op's choice of gun, pin breaks if gun is fired upside down. (sideways is fine though).
May eat rubber bands on hammer mech (still testing).

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    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks! I was going for a more exciting Competitor and it seems I hit the nail on the head.
    Your comment #spelling

    That's fine, happens all the time. I especially get the one where autocorrect changes the word I want to use lol. I end up saying something very messed up.

    Happens to me all the time... 40% of all of the comments I've ever deleted were because of autocorrect making them sound horribly wrong and making me look bad in many different ways...


    Reply 5 years ago

    I guess I could post a video with the instructions. I'm planning to have this posted on Saturday. =D
    Love small guns, easier to make instructions for.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Long wait? I'll have the instructions up tomorrow, I've already started them!