Completely Recycled Instructables Robot!




Greetings fellow Makers and 'Ibler's!

I saw my Mother throwing away a paper towel roll and immediately told her that I had a spark of ingenuity about a recently posted Instructables contest. I saw it, in a vision like trance- An Instructables robot made from only a paper towel roll, glue, and marker. How simple, how... Awesome!

I guarantee that if you are patient, creative, and constructive that you will enjoy and appreciate your robot!

Well, here goes nothing!


Step 1: Gather Materials

The Materials for this project are- (insert dramatic music here)...

Scissors. Please don't cut yourself.

Paper Towel Roll. This will make the complete body of our beloved Mr. Roboto.

Sharpie pen. Someone could totally jazz this design up with yellow paint and more detail, but I was looking for an earthier look.

Hot glue and gun. Do not burn yourself. I've had some bad experiences... Enough said.

Step 2: Cut the Appropriate Pieces...

Enjoy my terrible handwriting and upside- down photocopying...


Moving on...

Step 3: Cutting and Gluing the Body

Take your section of tube and cut two upside-down "M's" on both sides.

The body should be 2" tall and the "M's" should be 1".


I have no pictures of the base of the body, therefore I did not make a step.

Just cut a 1.25" x 1.5" piece and cut around as needed, and glue on base.

USE GLUE THICKLY!!! This will be the baseplate holding the torso, head and arms up, and mine broke. Proceed with caution!

Step 4: The Head

This is a weird shape that I am not going to explain so look at the diagram.

Oh, wait.


The diagram doesn't tell you how tall the face is. That's wonderful.

(Exasperated and sarcastic sigh.)

It's 1" tall.

Step 5: The Arms

One of my arms is shorter than the other in the diagram, but your arms you can cater to fit your robot.

That came out weirder than expected.

*Note to self. Do not overthink things.

Step 6: The Legs and Wheels

The legs are .5" tall and 1" wide. Then roll and glue along the opening.

The wheels can be cut to whatever size you want, I just cut two circles and glued 'em on.

Step 7: Enjoy and Pose!

I hope you liked my Instructable about, well Instructables!

I enjoyed taking a fun spin on the famous icon always present at the top of the screen, and I hoped that you had fun too!

Now, if you see that orange Vote! banner at the top of the screen, please, be my guest and click away. Thanks for reading and I hoped that you enjoyed my 'Ible!



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    4 years ago

    I shall add to thine comments and ask "why have I not seen this yetz?"


    4 years ago

    I liked your sudden inspiration. He looks very organic and just like the logo.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank You!!! I originally made it to enter the Instructables robot contest, and it has been sitting on my desk next to a deer skull all of this time.