Introduction: Compost

This is how to make compost in simple steps, anyone can do it.

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Step 1: Step 1: Layer Grass Clippings

Compost is just layering materials so that the pressure can renew it, the first step is to in a bucket layer grass clippings this will be at the bottom

Step 2: Step 2: Layer Dry Leaves

Simply add dry leaves on top of the grass in the same bucket

Step 3: Step 3: Layer Organic Material

Layer organic materials, such as banana peels fruit peels, egg shells etc.

Step 4: Step 4: Add Shredded Paper

Add shredded papers, on top of the previous layers

Step 5: Step 5: Add Dirt

Add dirt on top and then you are done just wait for the pressure to take care of the rest.

Step 6: Done...

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    4 years ago

    Good instructions. Have you done this? Do you have a picture?