Compost Sifter

Introduction: Compost Sifter

I was inspired by the bicycle wheel compost sifter ( While cleaning up a neighbor's shed I accumulated a pair of bicycle wheels and some wire mesh. I rolled the wire into a cylinder and cut off the end strip to reveal long stabbers. These stabbers were woven into the wheel spoke holes and bent around to attach. It is kind of like basket weaving, only much more strength is involved. Two pieces of wood were added to provide some strength. Wood was coated with a sealer , since it will be outside. Screw were used through spoke holes in the wheel into the wood. The wood was on the Inside, helping hold the wire  to the wheel.

Step 1: Using the Sifter

The sifter was easy to use. Lay it on the ground and shovel some of the compost into the open end. I don't turn my pile often enough, so I have a dry crust around the outside, and a rich mass of compost in the center. I rolled the sifter back and forth on the grass. Compost that is ready to use falls through the holes in the mesh. Larger pieces stay in the unit. Three or four rolls is enough to process the compost. Carefully lift the sifter and empty the residue into a wheel barrow, or directly back to the compost pile.

he first time I tried this I used a drywall bucket as my transporter. On second thought a second wheel barrow would have been better. Two or three loads in the sifter would fill the bucket. I scooped it up with my hands, then raked the residue into a pile. Doing this on the grass makes the raking a bit more rigorous. A concrete slab would have been easier. Or a tarp layed out on the lawn. This is an evolving science, and I doubt that there is a wrong way to do it. The object is to gt some exercise and make some compost.. Every bushel of kitchen waste that goes into the compost pile is one bushel that doesn't go to the landfill. And that helps everyone.

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