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Have you ever asked how to make a great bio fertilizer at home?

Here I'll tell you how you can make it!

First i must tell you that dirt is made from tiny pieces of rock, water, and humus. Yes you'll need a homemade humus which is the decomposed remains of plants and other biodegradable waste.

If you want to make a homemade humus, you must have some place to put your biodegradable waste in some open box near your home. It's not hard to make it, you can find some tips online to make it. I have made from wooden fence and at the bottom is a big iron plate for separate normaly dirt and humus. If you don't have yet, you can build it and put some normally dirt at the bottom, then put some grass from mowing. You can put a waste fruit and vegetables, leaves, the egg shell, dried herb, paper handkerchiefs or towels, paper, tea bags,... Everything that's biodegradation (that you can put in biological waste don't put roots or seeds).

If you don't have yet, you must wait about two years that everything you put in is decompose. If you have compost, you can make right now a compost tea. You must know that everything you give for composting have a great conditions for the animal like a worms (they are very useful for loosening the soil), ants, bugs and othes. You must know that there is a very good conditions for useful bacteria (you must have a gloves). But don't be scared

Step 1: Now How to Make a Tea Compost:

first of all you must have:

· a big PVC barrel for about 70 liters (less or more),

· air pump (complete)*,

· a strong wooden stick,

· rope (optional) and

· laundry wash bag.

* You can get air pump in pet store, which use in aquarium. You must have some tubes, air switches and bubble air stone.

Step 2: And Here Is for a Recipe:

· 30 liters of water,

· about 5 kilograms compost,

· 4 tablespoons of homemade honey (I use a homemade syrup of dandelion flowers) compost and

· you can add a bio fertilizer (I use bio fertilizer from seaweed).

1.Prepare a 30 liters of water. If you use water from the tap, you must know this is chlorinated water. At first you must get rid of chlorine. You just put bubble air stone inside and let works about 4 hours.

2.During this time put a compost in a laundry wash bag and have it in the shadow.

3.Add honey and bio fertilizer (don't melt honey, the bacterias eat it).

4.Then attach the bag to the wooden stick and let some compost is not in the water because you'll kill a worms and other animals

5.Let work for maximum 3 days!

When is ready you see a foam. If you don't have a foam that's mean you don't have a good compost or you do something wrong. Don't use it if it stinks like heavy smell of sewage. This smell come from dead bacteria.

Step 3: How to Use:

You can use for watering for spraying.

If you decide to sprayer with a hand sprayer you should be careful that you don't make to much pressure in sprayer. If you do that, you kill all bacteria!

You can use compost to fertilize your plants. Just put it around the plant or a tree. Yes, you can fertilize a trees.

Use fertilizer every 7 - 10 days or after heavy raining. But I fertilize every 14 and a notice a difference!

Step 4: Notice:

When you use a bubble air stones, make sure that you bubbled most of all water in the barrel. Use a big air stone or small ones and link it together with air switches, don't forget to make sure that air pump is strong enough.

Step 5: Effect of Compost Tea

If you look the picture, you see the differences

If you look lavender with Compost tea, you notice a color (is more purple)

In next picture is a Safflower. That in a pot was regularly watered with Compost tea and it was sown later.

Now you have a reason to make a Compost tea!



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    8 Discussions


    Reply 4 years ago

    Not try, do it, it's simple, good and you save money for buying fertilizer


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I would suggest not using "air Stones" but instead using a ridgid aeartor such as a 1/4" PVC pipe (or whatever metric is) with holes drilled into it. That way you can clean the tube with ease after each use.

    I make shrimp compst tea... the plants love it BUT i have to bury the bucket away from the house while it does its magic. I am inthe process of making a solar operated air pump so I do not have to even think about it for the month its getting beautifully nasty!

    whta do you think?

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi, nice to hear you add new thing. PVC will be good, just make sure that you have power of pump if you have bigger dimension like for fish air stone. About PVC is not good selection because it make toxic chemical with high temperature. I suggest you ABS plastic or safe food plastic. If you use paint for PVC that is no toxic will be great. About solar pump you must know you need to have operated all day (even night) so you need some power supply at night. But i don't tried or hear to use shrimps. But maybe will be great like sea grass fertilizer. I tried it next summer with pipes


    Reply 4 years ago

    1/4" will be ok with normal air pump. Just watch that have a lot of power and don't use below water level. Always have pump on bowl!


    4 years ago

    Hey, all. I would like to hear your opinions or what improvement from those who are or want to try to meke it ?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Today i make a new bach and i didn't make it for a long time. I discovered that the air rock (I don't clean them) was slimy when I put in water. So clean air stones every time you make a new batch. Clean it with water don't use a detergent or something similar. If you do the air store take some of detergent inside and you bring it to compost tea


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Homemade? Check. Eco-friendly? Check. Encourages gardening and responsible living? Check and check. Great work!