Compostable Newspaper Bucket / Cubo De Papel Compostable

I developed this bucket in order to recycle newspapers. It may not be very impressive, but it is easy and can be made quickly. I used it for vegetable waste, it is absorbent and can be composted. It is quite strong if made with two or more papers. Desarrollé el cubo para reutilizar papeles de periódico. Puede que no sea muy impresionante, pero se hace fácil y rápido. Lo uso para la basura vegetal, es absorbente y se puede compostar. Si se hace con dos (o más) espesores de papel es bastante sólido.

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Step 1:

Close the journal and fold twice the open side. Cierre el periódico y doble dos veces el lado abierto.

Step 2:

Fold twice the bottom side. Doble dos veces el lado inferior.

Step 3:

Fold a triangle as in the picture. Doble un triangulo como en la foto.

Step 4:

Fold twice  the upper side to the inside of the (future) bucket. Doble dos veces el alto del futuro cubo hacia dentro.

Step 5:

Push the bottom triangle to the inside. Empuje el triangulo inferior hacia dentro.

Step 6:


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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I can't follow the instructions.
    Step 1 Can't see relationship between picture 1 and 2
    Step 2 pictures are in reverse order
    Step 3 is this another sheet of paper?

    It looks interesting, though

    Could you clarify? I suggest marking the sheets of paper in a way we can know wich side we are looking at.


    1 reply
    m a r i a n ojolat

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Step 1: In picture 1 the newspaper is open, in picture 2 closed.

    Step 2: You were right the pictures were in reverse order. I changed that.

    Step 3: It's not another sheet, it's the same, you see the side were the previous folds are not apparent. The triangle is fold on the bottom side, already closed by the previous step.

    Good idea to make the photos with another kind of paper. I will work on that and try to make a video as well. It will take me a while, I'll send you a message when I'm ready.

    Thank you for your comments, I though nobody was interested.