Introduction: Composting

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Step 1: Debris

So you want free rich dirt?Well I'm going to tell you how to get that rich dirt!First you need lots of leaves, so you need to start your compost in the fall or if you have a fallen tree you can mulch it and use that as an compost like in the first picture.The fastest thing to compost is leaves and pine needles , so the mulch takes awhile to compost.Get as much leaves and pine needles as possible and put it in a pile ,where the rain can't wash it away.What I did for my compost is that I put a an six inch wall of dirt around it so it wouldn't wash away.Don't worry that you put to many leaves and pine needles in the pile, because I thought the same thing,but when the rain comes it pushes all the air out.When you've got the amount you want soak it with water so it won't blow away and it will rot the leaves.Stir it around a few times a week and try to water it when ever it's dry.If you're trying to save money on the water bill just get a rain barrel.If do these things faithfully it will take 5-7 months to decay.It's worth the wait.

Step 2: Mix the Compost in the Soil

Get a shovel and dig around where you want the compost dirt.Stir the dirt in the loose soil you dug and put a layer of compost on top.Do this a month before you plant your plants.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I don't stir my compost pile. It takes a little longer to rot but I'm in no hurry. I do sift my mulch before I use it though. I prefer the texture of it sifted.