Compressed Air Battery




Introduction: Compressed Air Battery

How to make a small compressed air battery. The bottle stores compressed air. The high speed air from the bottle moves a turbine connected to a DC motor who acts as a dynamo. This turbine-motor comes from a home hairdryer.



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    Interesting use of airflow. Would like to see how a hair dryer turbine puts out DC.

    Can anyone tell us how many watts were used by the compressor?
    The flashlight bulb is using the total amount of compressor watts when losses are accounted for.
    Bottom line question about efficiency, how many watts went into compressing the air, and how many watts does a flashlight bulb need- how long will it burn?

    This is how hybrid cars should store energy. I believe lugging heavy batteries is way less efficient than storing energy by compressing air. A compressor could be directly between the gas engine and the transmission and this could pump air into a tank while the gas engine would run and then be used as a compressed air engine to propel the car when the gas engine would be turned off.

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    They have designs already the problem is the pressure has to be upwards of 3k psi to reliably propel a car and have decent storage capacity. I have heard of a company using a flywheel storage system that seems promising a claimed efficiency of 97% but having a large fast spinning heavy mass of metal in a car is kinda dangerous.

    Fly wheel storage are already used in UPS systems. GE has a complete line of flywheel storage UPS systems. It a very efficient way of storage. Also compressed air storage can be used with wind turbines as the turbines can be coupled with an air compressor mechanically. Also for storage of compressed air, we could use empty oil wells.

    looks like the same principal as a small steam powered generator ive seen someone also convert a small 2 cycle engine to run on steam and then use it to turn a dc motor to act as a generator too good concept

    How much air pressure does it take to spin the turbine to power the 12v bulb? Do you have some instructions as to how you "hacked" the hair dryer and what is your generating source?

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    I charged the bottle with 8 bar (116 psi).

    Subscribe to my Youtube channel I am going to upload soon a video about DC motors as generators.

    Good luck!

    Interesting concept. I think you should work it a bit more, it has potential.

    great work, I want one. thats awesome