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Here are some pics of the computer I made.



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    Very nice looking! I know this is an old post, but I am curious about the components that you used. What motherboard/RAM/graphics/case/etc did you use?

    hello there...I just want to ask a question hope all of them will answer my question.....I have a computer that was a windows vista...i have a friend in my MSN Messenger contact list..he like to hack my computer and delete my important file..sometimes he also hack my about this can anyone tell me how to stop the guys to hack my computer and how to I hack into her webcam without any permission....pls reply me as soon as you can..

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    if you get his ip address you could download peergaurdian and block his ip address through that

    Install Zonealarm, and any other firewalls you can find. download AVG and a few other antiviruses. If you can, find out his IP address, then search google for a way to block his IP address, and also delete him from your msn list :D

    Nice look... how many fans? Are there any openings to let off heat? (Lol being a laptop user, my biggest issue is burning my wrists well I type)

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    what i would like to do is get a laptop i big fat laptop will be better fit the motherboard and stuff in the case and use a big fat fan to cool down the processor to easily overclock it and it would leave lots of space for harddrives and cd drives

    3 replies ovelclocking costs no big bucks(unless if you hire someone or something) In fact,overclocking,sometimes,can be done without even downloading anything,though the bios. And there are some(i think) open source apps to overclock a pc most that i,ve seen are free

    i know that im just saying that if you dont do it right or you set the cpu's voltage too high(i was saying that you where being overconifdent)

    i can't overclock with my bios