Computer Amp

I made this out of a old computer case. A old speaker and a cheap surround sound sub woofer amp.
I cut a hole open in the computer tower with a grinder and   and painted it yellow. Then I took the sub amp
and took all the parts out of it and set them up inside the computer tower. I had to grind a little more metal
to get it all to fit good but it worked. I put a handle on top from a old none working amp.
Then I put the speaker from the sub amp in and then lastly the big speaker.
Having that big opening helps to fit things together easier. Before I set the speaker
completely in I took a old black shirt and cut it and rapped the speaker and drilled it in.
There you have it! This project took me about a 2 hours to complete. The sub amp
I used also had a remote and it works good too.  



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    1 year ago

    Show us the Innards!


    I just used parts from the old sub amp and took it all apart and made it fit. Just used the drive bays to set the computer boards in. Everything went together pretty easy. I had to drill a couple of holes on the inside and that was about it. Almost like Legos. lol