Computer Build Sam and Cesaer

This Is how to build a computer


Setting up / Things you'll need:



CPU Cooler


Mother Board

Power supply


Hard Drives/SSD's

Power Cables

Video Card

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Step 1: CPU Installation

first you take youre mother board and put the cpu inside of it

Step 2: CPU Cooler Installation

After the CPU is in put the heatsink on top

Step 3: Memory Installation

Open up the dimm slots and put in however many ram sticks

Step 4: Motherboard Installation

Put the standoffs in the case and screw the motherboard into the case

Step 5: Power Supply Installation

Put the power supply in the designated slot

Step 6: Fans

Connect the fan and put it in the slot

Step 7: Hard Drives and SSDs

Connect the sata data cable to youre motherboard and put the drive in the designated slot

Step 8: Video Card Installation

Put the video card in the PCIe slot

Step 9: Connecting Cables

Connect the power cables to each component

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