Computer Case Cover Food Tray



Introduction: Computer Case Cover Food Tray

In this instructable I'm going to show you what to do with the case cover leftover from the Computer Case Shelf project.

Step 1: Materials

Dish soap
Water source

Computer case cover

Step 2: Remove the Screws, Rinse Sponge and Clean

Remove the leftover screws.

Rinse sponge with soap and water.

Wipe clean with sponge.

Step 3: And There You Have It

A handy tray from a leftover computer case.



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    12 Discussions

    To use your head and make things do want their not supposed to do.

    Most people would have tossed it away.

    I'm using it for something.

    It was a dead drive and you converted it to a coin-bank? I'm just trying to pick up the DIY aspect.


    It might have been better to include this in a list of other simple reuses of computer hardware.

    Or the DIY aspect is that he cleaned it himself instead of having someone else do it.

    The contest ends on  Mar 7. That means I have a week and six days to prepare.  By then, you'll see more instructables of mine explaining what to do with with the leftover guts(motherboard, drives,fans, LEDS ...etc ) from Computer Case Shelf.

    Now that I think of it's like a series.

    Once the contest is over, I'm thinking of combining all of them.

    Multiple entries are okay - but multiple short/not informative entries will not go well in judging.  Put them all together now - and the comprehensive ible will have a much more warm welcome, and a much better chance of doing well :D

     I use a nice black side panel as a magnetic note board next to my desk.