Computer Case Roller Stand (Sized for Corsair 800D) Ver 1.0

Introduction: Computer Case Roller Stand (Sized for Corsair 800D) Ver 1.0

If you are a Corsair 700/800D owner, then like me moving it to just clean the bottom filter is a task.  5 HDD, 3 optical drives, and water cooling makes it difficult to lift from Point A to Point B.  Lian-Li makes a set of casters that makes a nice MOD to the 800D but you have to have to sets costing over $100+ USD.  Other brands of universal roller stands fall short....literally. If they are wide enought to fit the 800D they are not long enough and with how the 800D has a middle foot and how they protrude you would have to remove them to get one to work.  Adding regular castors the feet of the 800D are not visually pleasing. I like the home-made skateboard roller stand ideas better than adding the casters directly to the case.

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Step 1: Scavenge for Supplies

1x scrap sheet of 3/4" plywood
4x swivel casters
16x #10 x 3/4" screws
Spray Paint

Circular Saw
7/64 Drill Bit
120 Grit Sandpaper

Step 2: Measure and Cut

The 800D is 9"x24" so I deiced to make the base 10"x25".  This is so if I will have a little room to add rails or lights if I want in the future.

Step 3: Drill and Attach Casters

I used 1 1/4" swivel castors with a rating of 160 lbs for a set of 4. The screws I decided to attach them to where metal screws (#10 - 3/4" Combo Pan Head) because I did not have any wood screws at the time that would seat flat with the castors.  The castors I purchased had a layout so I used this to drill pilot holes with 7/64" bit.   I set the template 1/8" from the side of the base.  If you are going to paint, I would recommend seating the screws/castors first and then remove them before painting.

Step 4: Sand and Paint

I did not have any primer at the time, if you paint without expect to use a whole can of enamel spray paint.

Step 5: Reattach Casters

After it has dried reattach the casters.

Step 6: Move the Beast

Now I can move the Beast for cleaning and to open the case.

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