Computer Control Center - a DIY Workspace (in Progress)





Introduction: Computer Control Center - a DIY Workspace (in Progress)

Step 1: Designing the Beast

 As i am no pro, i use Google SketchUp for the design and planning of my new table aka "The Beast", so i get some pretty good plans and also 3D-models.

Step 2: Get the Stuff You Need

 For the tabletop i used a 2m x 1.6m MDF-sheet.

Saw, Sander, Pens, Tape, a Bowl, Drill

Step 3: Measure Twice

As usual i started by "drawing" the planned layout to the wood, now you can see where the bowl was for ;-)

Step 4: Saw, Saw and Saw

 First of all:
Before making the inital cut, check the plans again!

After that i made a slighty smaller "hole" then i needed, to ENTER the beast ;-)

Once i had space i made the planned cutting.

Step 5: Sanding, and Sanding! Oh Yes, and Sanding!

 The whole sanding took me longer then the sawing, but i think, that's normal ;-)

Step 6: A Few Tweaks

 I decided to drill a big hole in one end for future cable-management.

Step 7: Running Some Usability Tests

 After the beast was ready i took it over to my office to run a few tests.

Also i'm waiting for the material for the legs (which i want to weld by myself *g*).

As soon as everything is done, i'm going to paint it ;-)

Step 8: Changing the Design

 While running the "usability tests" i found out, that i needed more room for stuff, so i designed a shelving unit for the beast which doubles as room divider to the "couch corner".

Just ordered the wood ;-)

Step 9: Painting the Beast

I choose a red paint, just because i liked it ;-)

Step 10: The Legs

I took some metal from the "junkyard" of the inhouse weldingshop and asked the welders (with a bribe aka 'box of beer') to weld them as i want it - looks pretty good, or?



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    What are all of your dimensions for your desk? The lengths, widths of every side?

     have you checked out the legs at IKEA, I would think that is a bit cheaper than welding your own.

    2 replies

    Last time I checked, it was roughly $15 US for ONE leg (Jan. 2012). If I had the time/materials/tools to craft my own legs and be creative, I'd skip ikea altogether.

    I would possibly consider using their work surfaces, but they too border on the highly overpriced.

     Not really because the next IKEA is about 120km from here so you have to calculate the fuel.
    Also i already HAVE the material for the legs lying around, just no time ;-)
    As you can see on the pictures i am able to use a professional metal shop from one of the companies here, they also let me get through their "recycle bin" ;-)