Computer Controlled Window Blinds

Introduction: Computer Controlled Window Blinds

This project uses the 433 mhz transmitters and receivers from Sparkfun to control window blinds from my Mac, and thus from my home with Insteon and Indigo/Serial Bridge.

The blinds are turned by a small servo, using a 5.5mm socket as the mechanical connection.

The only wire to the blinds is a power wire, in this case I used USB because the cables are robust and come in white.

Each blind is individually controllable, as well as in groups and an "All Blinds Open" and "All Blinds Close" command.

Each blind also has a temperature sensor, and two LDRs (one facing in, one facing out). I don't do anything with those yet, but I added them in case I want to add functionality later.

PICAXEs are used for the microcontrollers. A 14m and 08m in each blind, and a 28x2 and 08m for the controller. Each blind also has a manual switch to open/close the blinds when you are standing next to them (required by my wife, not shown in the video).

Each blind has five settings: closed, cracked for light, more light, even more light, and fully open.

Code can be found on the PICAXE forum.

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    9 Discussions

    Can you please help me figure out how to connect the 5.5 mm socket to the servo?

    If anyone is looking for the updated, buyable version, check out: I have a Kickstarter up now for the latest version of my automated window blinds. You can see it here:

    Have a good one!

    Also just wondering if you produced a circuit diagram and write up of the project? Sounds like a great home automation project many could benefit from. My son needs something to keep him busy. Chris.

    this project is interesting..would you please send me the circuit diagram of email is :)

    would you please ba able to email me the circuit diagram for this project as it would be something i would be very intrested in building

    This is awesome! Please make a write up if you have time...

    Just posted on another site about your blinds. Do you have any writeup yet on this?