Computer Desk Modding




Introduction: Computer Desk Modding

Computer Desk Modding done by my father, my boyfriend and me.
Stil in progress



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    Thanks for the 'ible, I've been playing with the idea for a while. I like the shallow "shelf" in the front for mounting the drives while leaving room for the knees!

    If I get around to my own, I'll post some pictures.

    Hello i was just wondering if you had a break down of materials needed

    I myself have autism and learning difficulties, but my passion in life is to be a Hardware Engineer for Microsoft.

    However at 28 I am still working to get my level 1 maths, I am guessing by the time I am 36 I might be able to go to university.

    So I am hoping by the time I am 52 I will be able to full-fill by dream and get a job as Dr of Hardware Engineering for Microsoft.

    Any chance you could give me some instruction on how to build such a desk?

    This is the kind of computer mod I would want to do, however I do not have the tools, wood, or money as I am on benefits, and my DIY skills are non existent beyond electronics and electrics.

    You Female ?

    Madam I must say if your in to computers, you could be the perfect woman to fill my life.

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    Yes, I'm a girl jajaja... I have a degree on computer science. Right now I work as a java developer, but hardware is my passion :D

    very good. Should you ever want to redo this, considering putting your monitor under the glass as well at an angle of course.
    Great stuff

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    Yes, i thought of that... but it didn't seem comfortable.. I guess i will have to try :D thank you for your comment

    Actually, I have experimented with that (Both on an older CRT as well as a modern LCD. It looks good on paper, but it sucks in terms of ergonomics. The top of the screen is supposed to be on level with your eyes to avoid un-necessary strain on your neck.

    That is good to know. I have played with that idea, but as it is now 2 years further and havent done it, I guess I am happy with my screen as is, especially since LCD screens are just easier to fit than CRT's (that I might have had 2 years ago).
    Thanks for yr reply

    creative bt a small problem i felt i mst share
    it will b troublesome when a condition of opening the cabinet arises for repairing purpose
    i mean
    all the components kept over the desk like the monitor, mouse, keyboard and other stuffs must be moved away which will result in an increase of effort and nothing else
    no offense
    nd otherwise a very creative instructable

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    Yes, I know what you mean.. That happens to me everytime i want to fix/change something... I tried to figure out something to fix that, but all the choices were very complicated. Thank you for you commet! :) (sorry for my english, i'm from Uruguay)

    Maybe not the best solution, but maybe you can make the plank that you are actually placing the components on to be able to open downwards. It means you will have to sit under the table to actually do any settings, but it could work without compromising the structure of the table. Downside - you might have to move the HDDs to the same plank as the motherboard.

    Im really wanting to have this bult!! Can you add a little more instructions? Please!!

    Está estupenda la mesa, me ha dado ideas para modificar la que tengo por poco dinero.
    Me gusta el trabajo realizado.

    Thank you so much for yor comment!!! In Uruguay there isn't much of a market for this kind of stuff... maybe it is and i don't know about it!! hehe :P anyway, thanks! :)