Computer Fan Cover Shelf Unit

Introduction: Computer Fan Cover Shelf Unit

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This is an easy to make shelf that uses a few fan covers, some standoffs, and a few nuts and bolts.  It can be used to hold various things, and in the horizontal position it can be used to hold CD cases.

4) 120cm computer fan covers (I got mine from all electronics) -- about $1.20 each
9) 6in standoffs(other lengths will work)(I got mine from electronic goldmine) -- $.49 each
3) screws that fit into the standoff(10-32 in this case)(I got them from a local hardware store) -- around $1
3) nuts that fit onto the standoff(10-32 in this case)(I got them from a local hardware store) -- around $1

Total: about $10 (about 6.5 GBP)

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Step 1: Base of the Shelf

1) Start with one fan cover, make sure that the "prongs" that stick out of it are higher that the main part of then cover.

2) Put the screw through the "prong" and into the standoff

3) Tighten the screw

4) Repeat 2 and 3 until you have 3 standoffs attached

Step 2: Next Two Selves

1) Set a fan cover over the standoffs
2) Screw the standoffs on
3) Repeat 1 and 2
4) Put the last fan cover on top
5) Put the nuts on


This is what it should look like when it is finished.

The pictures show some ideas of what you could put on it.

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