Computer Fan Wire Extending

Introduction: Computer Fan Wire Extending

I think that every one of us has came to a point in life when the electric wire/cable is missing a cm or two to reach it's socket. Usually you can just use an extension cord but in some cases cutting that wire and soldering extra length on it is a much better solution.

So, let's take a look at the tools required.

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Step 1:

Tools and materials:

  • wire-cutting pliers
  • extra pieces of wire used for extending
  • soldering iron
  • knife or wire stripper
  • solder rosin core
  • heat shrink tube + lighter/heat gun or electric tape


  • soldering iron stand with sponge
  • helping hands
  • digital multi-tester voltmeter for testing your joints
  • piece of non flammable material, in my case leather; you really don't want a hot piece of solder dropping on your floor and catching fire

Step 2:

And we're off. Cut the wire and strip it. The exposed wire should be about 5-10mm long. Not much to explain here, except make sure that you leave enough wire on each end to comfortably handle it while soldering later.

Step 3:

Put heat shrink tubing on one end of the cable. Then both pieces onto helping hands. You can just align the wire next to each other but i prefer to shape it into small hooks if I know that I won't be desoldering it. Heat up the wires with the soldering iron and put just enough solder so it forms around the whole exposed wire into a teardrop shape. Sadly my camera zoomed on the wrong spot so that part of the picture is a bit blurry.

Here I am using same color wire for extension, but I highly suggest that you use same color for appropriate wire if you can. If you cross the wires you can damage your electronic equipment and potentially start a fire. Please use extra caution.

Furthermore, I highly recommend using a Digital multi-tester Volt Meter to test before letting live current go through your device.

Step 4:

Add a piece of small heat shrink tubing to isolate the soldered part. Rince and repeat with the rest of the wires until you have every thing soldered together. Again, pay extra attention to not cross the wires.

Step 5:

Almost finished joint before adding a thicker piece of shrink tube over the joints. Heat treat those two and you are done.

Step 6:

The fan being used and a picture of a finished joint. Good luck soldering your wires and again, use caution.

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