Computer Monitor Stand & Keyboard Cave

Introduction: Computer Monitor Stand & Keyboard Cave

We bought a new monitor for our home office and wanted to raise it off the desk and slide the keyboard underneath to allow more work space area. After searching online for monitor stands and seeing their dimensions and prices, I decided to build one myself.

A commercial monitor stand sells for $45.50 - OFC Express Monitor Stand 20.5 x 11 x 4.25, Black
by OFC Express - 4.8 out of 5 stars Building this out of scraps saved me money and waiting for Amazon to ship it.

I used a left-over piece of hardwood floor plank and a couple of pieces of scrap wood. The top is fastened to the side pieces with 6 small wood screws. The entire build took about 15 minutes.

After it was built and I slid the keyboard underneath it, because of the tight fit, it was hard to pull the keyboard out again. Taping two black zip ties to the bottom of the keyboard created tabs that make it easy to pull out. The square ends stick out the front, they are almost invisible and it's easy to hook them with your fingers.Mission accomplished!

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