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Introduction: Computer | Protection | Optimization | Advanced

Hola, Hi, Hello, Namaskar…

Hey guys this is DR back again with another instructable. I was thinking of waiting for your comments and encouragement. But then why wait? I don’t need any encouragement to spread smiles.

You can call this instructable as part two of my previous instructable – Computer | Malware | Protection or the advanced version of it. In this version we will be learning more about optimizing your computers and about some software’s to remove more adamant and unwavering PUP’s and adware. Please check my previous instructable here so you can learn about the steps you have to start with. Please follow those steps first and then follow this instructable. (I have not edited my previous instructable because it’s for the beginners.)

Before I start, I again don’t take any liabilities whatsoever (So called, "To be on the safer side!"). Try them at your own risk. These steps will work on windows operating systems only. Please update your windows operating system and create a system restore point before you proceed. These steps have to be followed in the same order. And yes these are trial version software’s we are running, so please do buy the software’s if you feel they were useful to support them. Comment for any questions and recommendations of software’s.

So let’s start!!! Make sure you have completed the beginner version of this instructable before you start with the following steps.

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Step 1: Adware Cleaner

This is one of the best software’s to remove adware’s, the one’s which are more adamant. I also use this software whenever I encounter computers with their LAN settings automatically switching to USE A PROXY SERVER FOR YOUR LAN. This software efficiency to resolve the above mentioned issue is 99.99%. But I personally do not prefer running it before Adware Removal Tool. (Caution to newbie’s: It sometimes deletes Wi-Fi drivers too. My advice perform all steps included in my previous instructable.)

Download this software to start with. No other documents or programs should be open when this is done. Run the software. Click I AGREE and then click SCAN to start scanning the computer. Once the scan completes go ahead and click CLEAN. It will ask to close any unsaved documents, go ahead and click OK. After the cleaning completes it will show you some very important information (which I was supposed to elaborate over here). Read it and click OK. Now to complete the removal process it will restart the computer, click OK. After the computer restarts it will show a report of the cleaning done, you can close it.

Step 2: Hitman Pro

Again one of the best software’s to remove malware’s from your computers. This software is a combination of around seven different Antivirus/Anti-Malware software databases, which gives it an edge over other software’s and makes it my personal favorites. Also its Behavioral Scanner adds to its front line defense and gives it the winning edge.

Download this software for 32 bit operating system or this software for 64 bit operating system and run/open it. When you open the software wait for it to update the database. When it completes the update, click NEXT.

Step 3:

Step 4: Almost DONE!!!

Last but not the least, right click on the Recycle Bin and click on Empty recycle bin. And there you go; your computer is taken care of. You can uninstall the software’s we just installed and restart your computer.

Again comment for any question (absolutely any) and recommendations of software’s. If you liked the tutorial, press the little sweet red heart (The more the merrier!!!). This will not only encourage me to write more but also help you better.

Oh yes, want "ME" to help "YOU" out with your computer (Is that possible? Absolutely yes!!! Remote Assistance), request for the same in comments and leave me an email or Skype id or anything to contact you and consider it taken care of.


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    Cybe R.W
    Cybe R.W

    2 years ago

    Thanks for stating right off that it only works with Windows computers. Most people don't make that disclaimer and I have to waste my time reading til I figure it out for myself. I appreciate your up-front honesty.