Computer Boat Mouse!




Introduction: Computer Boat Mouse!

Tsc stands for totallysupercreaitve. Please if you like what I make follow me! I like riding a...

This  is a computer boat mouse! It has a computer mouse shell with a motor on the bottom  with a propeller on the motor! Thier is a switch on the top to turn it on and off the battery is inside the shell. I'm also enter this in to the I Made It Photo Contest so please vote for it! I'm also enter this in to the Key board vs. mouse speed challenge so please vote for it in that too! Sorry I can't put notes up there not saving I will try later!



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    I was told to not use firefox which I was using (latest 4.0)....try safari. I had trouble with explorer, too).

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    O yes you Should see it crash those waves to pices! LOL! Thank you!

    A video instructable, perhaps? Mouse sailing? Scrollboating? Could be another contest entry...