Computer Desk and Drawing Board

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This is a desk that I designed and build a few years ago. I used the 3D modeling program SketchUp to design the desk to fit perfectly into a free corner of my room. I incorporated an adjustable drawing board and two sliding draws. One for the keyboard and the other for pens, pencils, rulers and everything else. Using 3D modeling meant I could accurately transfer the design onto the wood. 
It took me several months to create a design I was happy with, then the better part of a year to cut out the pieces then assemble it. 
I had a very limited set of tools, and I only used a saw, a coping saw, a rasp, a screwdriver, and sandpaper. I also used an iron to put on the veneer edging. 
I can't remember the exact cost, because I bought it all at different times, but it probably added up to a few hundred dollars.
If you would like me to make a more detailed instructable on how this was made please let me know in the comments.



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    2 years ago

    dear sir can you send me pdf or like how you made please (


    I am trying to build a good desk for my computer and still have space to draw, this looks like the perfect design for me.