Computer Monitor Shelf




Introduction: Computer Monitor Shelf

I work with several computer screens and was trying to raise them to eye level as well as to manage the messy wires behind them. I came across a discarded shelf someone threw out and decided to rescue it. I needed something more stable to rest the shelf as I am in an earthquake-prone area and decided on 4 baked beans cans, which had the correct height for me.

What you need:

- 1 old shelf or any suitable plank or board, or even an old cabinet door
- 4 baked beans cans, washed, with labels removed
- 4 screws (optional)

You can screw the cans to the underside of the shelf's four corners for extra stability. I didn't; I was lazy. I just placed the four cans on my table and rested my shelf on top of it. The wires went neatly under the shelf.



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