DIY Computer Power Supply Turned Into a Household Power Supply

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After seeing the PC PSU hack I decided to make one myself and it I think it turned out good.
plus I added a 12 volt accessory  and a usb port to power my usb lighting creations without worrying about my PC USB ports.
This is a 350 WATT PSU from an old PC, The board is mounted on a piece of aluminum sheet and I have been using RTV blue gasket maker to form a non conductive surface between the board & sheet so there shall be no short circuits.
It is not pretty but it sure does a nice job!



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    Thanks Russ!
    Great idea to compile all of the PSU's into 1.
    Had my Instructable been copie righted would may have been sued... LOL I kid I kid Just a lil joke calm down :D .
    All in all it really is a great ible thank you very kindly for including me in your ible.


    you would need a ATX computer power supply unit, some wood, some ingenuity, and time. I don't have a step by step on how to make this but there others out there with step by step Instructable.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    and what would i have to do to MAKE one also ??????????