Comsave: Lock Your Notes (batch File App)


This is Comsave

it saves your notes and locks them.

Just download the attached batch file(in step 1).

Place it in a folder and DO NOT move it out of the folder or the batch file won't be able to find your account.

NOTE: This is a batch file. It generates 3 files for an account

DO NOT delete the files unless you want to lose your account and the notes.

The .comsave files which the batch file generates are absolutely safe unless messed with.

We will keep uploading updates. Comment for any suggestions or bugs.

Thanks for downloading.

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Step 1: Hey Comsave 2.2 Is Here

Just click on the Comsave v2.1 icon to download.

Works only on Microsoft computers.

Please comment after downloading.

Step 2: Comsave Changelog

Comsave v1.0

Features:save notes upto 9 lines and lock them.

Comsave v2.0

Features: Save unlimited notes and lock them.

New: Save unmlimited lines.

(Had glitches and bugs)

Comsave v2.1

Features: Now you can change color themes.

New: Glitches and minor bugs fixed.

Comsave v2.2

New: solved problems and glitches

Step 3:

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    1 year ago

    Yay great dude


    2 years ago

    This a classic app. It helped me a lot. Great work.


    3 years ago

    Cool, thanks for sharing :)