Concept of Visual Hacking

Introduction: Concept of Visual Hacking

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Hello friends.

In this instructable, i will show you about visual hacking, how it works, its effect on our lives & prevention of it.

  • What is visual hacking ?

Visual hacking means stealing or gathering someone's PC or laptop just by seeing at it. Yes, you can get someone's passwords of social sites, bank details & other confidential information by just seeing it his/her laptop or PC. It is easiest way to do hacking. To get all this info, you don't have to use any high tech gadgets, software or anything.

  • How it works ?

Suppose you are at a public coffee shop, you are doing something on laptop, may be browsing social site like Facebook or Twitter or any other, you are typing your username and password in it being unaware that, right behind you, someone is watching to your laptop screen and observing the movement of fingers on keyboard. Without any effort, he/she is hacking your laptop and your Facebook or any site you browsed. Did he/she need any software, did he/she need any software. No, he/she just taken advantage of your unawareness. shoulder surfing is best example of Visual hacking.

Step 1:

  • Effects on us & our lives

It was just a Facebook account, but it can be your bank account or your confidential info of your company where you doing your job. what if hacker get this info using for bad purpose. it would be like your worst dream. It can ruin your personal life or carier everything. This was just an example. But, in real life most of us not realizing that installing latest antivirus, using complex passwords or any other thing wont secure us or our virtual info from hackers unless we become aware about our security.

  • Prevention
  1. If possible, skip to browse or open personal info at public place. if its important to do that then prefer a place near walls.
  2. Do minimum finger movement when typing such info, or try to cover it so no one can see, for example you can use your purse or jacket etc.. This will make shoulder sufferer to see you keyboard.
  3. When not in use, you can use screen lock wallpaper, so no one can see what are you doing in your PC or you can also close the lead of your laptop.
  4. In your home, place PC away from window or doors, where you pc screen can be directly see.
  • This was all about visual hacking.
  • If you have any suggestion or question,
  • you can write me comment section below.
  • take care & keep your self secure. ^_^

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