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Found an old desk lamp at a thrift store for $3, it was missing a base so decided to make my own. About $5 worth of Rockite and some studio junk brought this sad old puppy back to life

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Step 1: Make Your Mold

Found some scrap wood and cardboard and built myself a basic mold. Also lined the interior with some Plasti-dip. I used an old socket screwdriver to attach the lamp. Fits perfectly and adds some interest. Old bolts work too

Step 2: Key Tray

I don't know about you but my desk looks like a crime scene from time to time. Therefore i decided to add a little knick knack tray to store my keys. Also works as a spray paint holder.

To make this i used a paper soup bowl and a spray can to make the mold. I mixed and poured the Rockite and science do the rest.

Step 3: Now We're Cookin'

Place you're key tray in the mold and pour the Rockite around it. I added fiberglass for support but I advise doing this after you have a thin layer of cement. Before you know it it'll be rock hard and ready to go

Step 4: She's a Beaut

Kitty calendars and bobbleheads with hide in shame

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4 years ago on Introduction

Wow this is exactly what I was hoping to find. I just bought a lamp with missing base/clamp from thrift store for $4
Was looking for an idea that didn't require a clamp

Wow, awesome. Have an idea from this for our own desk/work lamp. Thank you!!!


5 years ago on Introduction

Very nice! Question about the Rockite - what ratio/consistency do you mix it to? Did you use a mold release? I've used other products which are a real pain to mix properly but have yet to use Rockite. Just want to know if it's easy to use and mix.


2 replies

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Rockite's great, I usually eye it. As long as you get it to a thick pasty state it should harden within minutes. I'd say 3:1 ratio. 3 being the Rockite. For the release you can use plastidip spray, works well to seal the edges. Also vasoline works but it can leave a wierd finish on the exterior.


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

I thought that was what you were using the Plasti Dip for. Many thanks. I've been using Rapidset Cement-All but it's a real bear to stir, in small quantities. They have an additive that reduces the viscosity without adding more water (forget the name) but even still, stirring cement is tiring on the arms and hands. Will give Rockite a try. Thanks again!


5 years ago

Nice job!,thanks for sharing!


5 years ago

This is genius!!! well done