Concrete Lamp (6)

Introduction: Concrete Lamp (6)

About: Just making concrete stuff for fun...

Hi, this is a very easy concrete lamp, built from a shaker bottle...

Step 1:

For this one I used a plastic shaker bottle. A 30mm hole was made with soldering iron at the bottom for the socket to be mounted.

Step 2:

You need cord with switch and plug pre-installed, an E27 socket and a chair protective pad. Make a 14mm hole to pass the cord through, and attach the pad which protects the cord from extreme bending. Then make a 8mm hole at the bottom of the socket, again pass through the wires and connect them

Step 3:

Insulate all holes with super glue or hot glue. In my case, just my two cents...

Step 4:

Use the bulb to secure socket in place. I used a socket corral as a spacer.

Step 5:

Prepare and will the shaker.

Step 6:

Next day, cut the shaker with a soldering iron and carefully remove it.

Step 7:

Wet sand the bottom with 100 or 150 grit wateproof sand paper and the body (you can skip this one) with 600 or 800 grit.

Step 8:

After some fine-sanding it looks perfect, isn't it? Dont forget the self adhesive rubber pads.

Step 9:

Add a bulb that you like. Enjoy!

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