Concrete Leaf Casting




Introduction: Concrete Leaf Casting

I enjoy making these leaf castings. My dad was a bricklayer, I love to garden, and it is fun! These leaves can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can see more of my leaves at or my facebook page Forever-Leaves.


Mixing tub and mixing trowel




Piece of sheet plastic

Concrete Mix

Step 1: Select a LEAF With a Nice Shape and Free of Holes and Tears. Using a Pile of Wet SAND, Form the Pile to Create the Desired Shape the Leaf Is to Have Once It Is Completed

Step 2: Cover the Sand Mold With Plastic. Place Your Leaf, Vein Side Up, on the Plastic

Step 3: Mix Your CONCRETE (premix Is Fine) and Press Concrete Over the Entire LEAF.

Step 4: Let Dry for a Couple Days and Remove the Leaf. You Now Have the Vein Impression to Be Painted (acrylic Paint) and Sealed (concrete Sealer).

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    where do you buy the paint and what is it called is the sealer what makes it shiny

    Excellent technique..Can't wait to try this! Way better then the method shown at a class I took a year ago! thank you! 2 thumbs up!!

    Tim P

    2 years ago

    this pretty cool, just would like to see how you painted. also the first picture you had made it seemed like it was a huge leaf, how big is the leaf that if first shown (concrete)?

    I also would love to see an Instructable on the painting. It looks great!


    2 years ago

    WHOA! this is such an amazing project! You did a really nice job on it, great instructable!

    Neato, one could do it with plaster as well. Considering the thickness I humbly suggest you add some fiber mesh to the ugly side. Old window screen that is not UV destroyed or metal mesh or perhaps cheese cloth.

    You did a wonderful paint job too boot!

    They are beautiful,I must make some thank you

    Dude - how did you get the blue leaf to be so detailed? The leaf veins are awesome? I have to know, what's the secret?

    Really nice project! How thin can the concrete be-- is there a minimum thickness the cast should be? Would it be feasible to place another leaf of similar size and shape, for those leaves where this might work, with its opposite side down, on the visible wet concrete surface so the final dry cast would have a top and bottom "view"?


    2 years ago



    2 years ago

    Great instructable. Anyone laying concrete can do the same on the surface. Wait until the "cream" rises and just begins to set. Press the leaves into the concrete, trowel over it smoothly and leave them. In a few days they will dry and wash away easily, leaving behind their imprints. Remember that water will sit in the imprints if they get wet. They work well for creating a non-slip surface.

    Using leaves from the trees and fauna in your yard on a doorstep, concrete stair steps etc mirrors the yard back to your work. I would usually ask my clients their favorite trees and bushes in their yards and use them. Sometimes the flowers work as well. I usually did this as a signature on all small concrete works for customers.

    Great idea. This bring so many projects to mind using this!

    Super, so simple and effective.

    awesome <<3


    2 years ago

    Love this idea. What is the best paint to use for concrete?

    So lovely. Beautiful idea. Thanks so much for the great directions.