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Introduction: Concrete Pillar TV Mount

Here's a way to make a curved wood TV mount that fits on a concrete pillar in many modern condominiums. My building has a regulation you can't drill into the concrete pillar, so this mount can support 40 pound LCD TV and a 10 pound metal TV mount with some cable wire and friction.

Tools needed (not exhaustive):

table saw, heavy duty wire cutter, band sander, drill and drill bits, screw driver, wood glue, ingenuity, some extra 40 hours.

Step 1: Kerfing the Wood (wood Is Amazing)

Wood is cheap and amazing, and its bendable! I didn't know this until I saw it on YouTube and I tried! We used some spare oak boards that are 7/8" inch thick, cut to about 10" x 8", but you can choose any size you want, and you don't have to be very precise here either, because you will be sanding the edges later. Use a table saw to cut the wood to about 13/16" depth, so there is just less than 1/16" of wood left. Make the cut every half inch, but you don't have to be that precise -- You can cut more but then you need to use more wood glue later.

Note: You don't want to cut too often, because the bolt needs to go through wood, not the crevice. also, i cut some smaller pieces of kerfed wood, for the steel cord that will wrap around the column.

Step 2: Layer the Kerfed Wood

The finished product here has three layers of kerfed wood, but you can use more if you like. I just needed it thick enough for the bolt that comes with the TV mount, since this bolt would normally go through a wall stud. I forgot to take a few pictures here, so here are the basic steps.

1) get some ratchet straps around the column ready, so you can use it to press the wood pieces into the shape of the column's curve. Mine had a radius of 17 or 18 inches.

2) Use a lot of wood glue ( my friend Rob says its as good as nails! ), even in the crevices, and then quickly press it onto the column, tightening the ratchet straps around the column. You don't have to hang the wood very high at all ( just a few inched off the floor), and put something to catch the glue if it drips a little. Let it fully dry for 1-2 days.

3) Sand all the edges, especially the vertical edges that will be misaligned now that the wood pieces are curved. Use a belt sander, since there is a lot of wood to sand down.

Note: When you press the glued wood together, the crevices should not be aligned, which is probably good for structural integrity. Also we later put a top piece of wood, to hide the kerf crevices, but you don't have to.

Step 3: Testing the Bolts and Adding Friction

Next, bolt your TV mount onto your wood piece, making sure the
bolt goes more into wood than crevices. I got a very reasonable VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount for most 22"-55" LCD tvs ( ) . After I got the TV mount bolted on, I wanted to test the bolts by strapping the wood back onto the concrete pillar close to the ground, and hung some 20 pounds of weight on the fully extende arm of the TV mount, and i found it to be very secure.

I used some extra foamy shelf liner, to add some grip between the wood and the pillar. Note, if you remove the mount from the pillar, it might take some paint off the pillar.

Also, i put in some small screws into the wood that matched the small air bubbles that naturally form in the concrete pillar. It was a lot of work and I'm not sure it helped that much, but the wood mount hasn't dropped/moved a millimeter on the column.

Step 4: Build the Securing Wire

I got all of this at home depot for about 25 bucks!

1) About 10 feet of vinyl wire rope, cut in half for two of these securing wires. This will depend on your concrete pillar diameter and the thickness of your wooden mount, so make some measurements before you go to the store, and remember your geometry class!

2) two eye hooks, and two sets of cable clamps

3) I assembled the securing wire, using the clamps to hold each screw of the eye hook. I just nailed the smaller kerf wood to the cord with some Nail-in Cable Clips, as shown, so the wire doesn't rub off the paint on the pillar too much.

Note: this assembling took some trial and error, to get the length of wire assembly just right. Just get the screws into the eye hook, just enough to hold it in place. you might have to take the cable clamps on and off a few times to adjust the length of the assembled securing wire. Be careful not to strip the screw head, as I had some issues with mine. But you have to get the screws in real tight, to make sure everything is secure.

Also, i used a heavy duty wire cutter to cut excess wire off, and just put some electrical tape on the ends.

Step 5: Assembling the Whole Mount on the Pillar

Use the ratchet straps to hold the TV mount to the pillar. Get the securing wire to wrap around the kerfed wood structure. I just used some Nail-in Cable Clips to keep the securing wire in place, and you can nail that into the mount before you ratchet it onto the pillar. Oh, the small kerf wood piece helps to keep the eye hook piece just far enough away from the pillar to make it easy to adjust. Also I wrapped the securing wire around the TV mount itself. This required drilling into the plastic covers of my specific TV mount, which I noted in earlier step.

Once you are sure the wire is very secure, holding up the wood and TV mount, test it with some weight but be careful. Also, put some paint tape to mark the wall, so you know if the mount slides. Once you are sure its very secure, follow the TV mount instructions to put your TV on it. Good luck!

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    Tip 1 year ago

    Use ratchet straps and wrap around column mounting bracket. The mounting bracket can me purchased on amazon.


    Reply 5 months ago

    Can you please post the column mounting bracket you got? I can't seem to find it.


    Reply 5 months ago
    This is the link to the website CONDOMOUNTS. I would email them for availability or ordering. I remember customer service was very good. Reply very fast.


    Reply 5 months ago

    Thanks. I was hoping it was just the bracket itself that you had got on Amazon. The CondoMounts solution is great, but it’s insanely overpriced for the cost of the individual components. I’ve been trying to find just the metal bracket piece that the straps are threaded through.


    3 years ago

    That came out really well :)