Concrete Sphere Planter or Water Feature




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These decorative concrete spheres can be used for small plants or herbs, or spray the inside with Rust-Oleum Metallics, pop in a candle, and add unique lighting to your next outdoor event. The layered bandages and
Rockset make the concrete sphere very strong.



Polycell Rockset or quick-set cement

Old crepe bandages and dressings

Jug of water and bowl for mixing

Putty knife


Dremel MultiTool and sanding ring, or 60- and 100-grit sandpaper

Newspaper or drop cloth*

*This is a messy project, so wear old clothes and DO wear gloves.

Note: Although I show Vaseline below, I didn't use this. Since the inside is to be painted, the Vaseline would make painting impossible - so I managed without it.

1. Cut the bandages into strip about 5 to 6 cm in length.

2. Mix the Rockset to a medium-thick consistency. Add water very slowly to avoid having a mix that is too runny.

3. Once mixed you need to keep stirring as your work. This is a cement-based product and it tends to slump, thickening at the bottom and becoming watery at the top. Ideally, you want the mixture to be of the same consistency as you apply.

4. It was tricky to hold the balloon still, so I placed it on top of the water jug. The cut bandaged strips were dipped into the mixed cement, and once thoroughly soaked were then placed over the balloon. Place the bandages side-by-side against each other and work around the balloon. You will need to do one side, let this dry and then turn over to do the other side. Leave to dry overnight.

GOOD TO KNOW: Make sure that no edges overlap or flip over, as these will spoil the finished smoothness of the sphere shape.

5. Place the dressing over the top of the hardened bandages and then use the putty knife (or your gloved hands) to cover this will a thin layer of Rockset. Again, smooth down any areas that stick out. You will find that there will be some drips and runs on the finish, but these can be sanded away once you are done. Leave to dry overnight.

GOOD TO KNOW: Rockset dries fairly quickly and you can use the putty knife to smooth over the surface to keep it smooth. Do this after applying and then again about every 10 to 15 minutes until it starts to harden.

6. Now you can pop the balloon and it should pull away from the cement easily.

7. From this point on you can spend some time filling in rough areas with Rockset and sand the outside of the sphere smooth. I used my Dremel MultiTool and sanding ring, but you can also use sandpaper.

8. The inside of the concrete sphere was sprayed with Rust-Oleum copper metallic spray paint. Spray the inside of your concrete sphere with Rust-Oleum LeakSeal and fill with water for a pretty water feature.

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    2 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    This is great! It looks like a hatched dinosaur egg!


    2 years ago

    it is like papier mache on steroids :)