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This is a guide to make a easy and cheap concrete lamp.

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Step 1: Parts & Tools

Here are the parts and tools you need to build this. You will also need something to hold the lamp socket in place while the concrete is drying, like for example BBQ sticks or thread.


  • Concrete.
  • Water.
  • Lamp socket.
  • ON/OFF switch (to connect to the cable).
  • AC plug with a long cable.


  • Bucket to mix the concrete in.
  • A big spoon or something to mix with.
  • A form of what shape and size you want yours to be.
  • screwdriver for connecting the switch and socket.

Step 2: The Form

I made my form so that the lamp is L: 10cm B: 10cm H: 7cm. Its smart to make the walls higher than what you want it to be and make a straight line at the point where the concrete is going to stop.

Poke a hole in one of the walls for the cable to go through.

NOTE: in my form I used a material with some kind of paper on the surface, that will make the finished concrete rough on the surface and I had to use sandpaper to smoothen it out.

If you want a smooth finish than your form needs to be smooth to and not made of paper.

Step 3: Lamp Socket

In the picture you can see my lamp socket, I took it out from an old and broken lamp that I had.

I pushed the cable through the tiny hole and placed the lamp socket where I wanted it to be and adjusted the cable length that was inside.

Step 4: The Concrete and Filling the Form

Take a big bucket and put some concrete in it (depending on how big your form is).

Add some water (not to much!) while you mix it together, keep adding water until the concrete is like porridge.

When you get the concrete right mixed then its time to fill in in the form, I used a spoon to do this

once the concrete was where i wanted it to be than i held the lamp socket in place and put 4 BBQ sticks through the form and around the socket, just above the concrete.

Now its just waiting to do. the concrete dries faster if you let it stand in a bathroom or some room that is hot.

Step 5: Dried

once it has been 1-4 days and you can feel that it is stone hard than you can remove the form.

Now you can smoothen out the corners and make it nicer.

Step 6: Cable

Cut the cable coming out of the lamp in the length where you want your switch to be. than take the isolation off the cable and screw it tight to the switch, do the same thing with the ac plug.

Step 7: Finish

Thanks for viewing and if there is any questions or tips than leave them in the comments, and check out my channel for more DIY projects.



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    8 Discussions


    3 years ago

    The form looks like some type of foam. Is that correct?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes it is, it doesent matter realy as long as it is water proof and it has a smooth surface


    3 years ago

    This is wonderful. Two things I really like: incandescent bulbs and concrete.

    I've seen too many toxic mercury filled bulbs and its great to see these green technologies like bulbs that are made out of just glass and metal!

    And seeing them in concrete brings great pleasure to my heart. If I have time this is one I want to build!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you, yes it would not be the same with an ordinary light bulb.
    If you make it please shere a photo so I can see :)


    3 years ago

    Do you remember what type of concrete you used? The one I used had a lot of rocks in it and Im worried that it wont looks as fine when it dries

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Sorry I dont remember, the finished concrete didn't look so nice as I thought it would be. I think its nicer with small rocks in it.