Conductive Tassels



Introduction: Conductive Tassels

This is just an idea for a stroke sensor, based on Plusea's great stroke sensor tutorial: ).

The end result is quite cute without losing its effectiveness. For this experiment I used Shieldex 235/34 dtex 2-ply HC thread, which is quite thick. Be careful when choosing your thread: its thickness should depend on how long you want your tassels to be, as well as their final use. In this case I wanted to have short tassels that stuck out instead of hanging down because I was making them for a stroke sensor, so I chose this thicker thread. This also helped give the tassels a little more body.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Shieldex 235f34 dtex 2-ply HC conductive thread
Shieldex Medtex P 180 OS conductive fabric
Non-conductive fabric (I used suede purely for aesthetic reasons)
A stiff piece of paper or cardboard

Step 2: Wrap

Wrap your conductive thread around the piece of paper or cardboard. I like to use a folded piece of stiff paper.
For each one of these tassels I wrapped the thread around the paper about 25 times.
When you're done wrapping carefully cut one side loose while holding the thread from both sides.

Step 3: Tie

Cut the other side of the thread too. Now you should have a little bundle of loose strands.
Tie the strands in the middle with another small piece of thread, so you secure your bundle.

Step 4: Fold & Tie

Now fold your bundle in half. I like to give it a little twist around the head as I do so, so it's easier to tie.
Hold it tightly in place, then tightly wrap  another piece of thread around the little head. I like to wrap it a few times, so I'm sure it won't get loose. When you think it's secure enough tie it with a double knot.

Step 5: Trim & Finish

And you're done! Now you can trim the tips to make them nice and even and apply it to your project. I used these ones in a stroke sensor.

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