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Introduction: Cone Necklace

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An easy and simple necklace , that can make with natural materials . For example here I use a cone . You can make it with your favorite color and design .

Step 1: Tools and Materials You Will Need

- An average cone (Small is better)
- Glow gun
- Silver color spray
- Chain with small links (Equal with your neck)

Step 2: Paint the Cone

Paint the cone with silver spray . For better result do not handclaps to cone in your painting time . Wait 2 hour until your cone get dry . If you like give speed to drying , you can use a fan . It can diminish the drying time to 15 minute or less .

Step 3: Glue the Chain

Glue the middle of chain to bottom of the cone , with glue gun . For better beauty don't use much glue .

Step 4: Other Colors

You can use other colors and cone shapes . Also I paint that cone with red spray (second picture) . Even you can don't paint the cone , the cone's primary color is beautiful .
I like see your cone necklace !

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I am taken away! You are a true artist! This is beautiful!